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Per HRS Chapter 343, the OEQC is required to publish certain documents not directly related to the environmental review process. In addition, the OEQC may opt to publish other information on a space and capacity available basis. This library includes files published in TEN but are not specifically EAs, EISs, or addendum documents to EAs or EISs. Files contained in this libary include:

  • Notices required by the rules of the Environmental Council.
  • A public comment process or public hearing if a federal agency provides for the public comment process or public hearing to process a habitat conservation plan, safe harbor agreement, or incidental take license pursuant to the federal Endangered Species Act.
  • A proposed habitat conservation plan or proposed safe harbor agreement, and availability for inspection of the proposed agreement, plan, and application to enter into a planning process for the preparation and implementation of the habitat conservation plan for public review and comment.
  • A proposed incidental take license as part of a habitat conservation plan or safe harbor agreement.
  • An application for the registration of land by accretion for any land accreted along the ocean.
  • Revised Ordinances of Honolulu (ROH) Chapter 25 environmental review documents.
  • Other miscellaneous files.