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EAs and EISs (Old Rules)
Compilation of EAs and EISs published under the 1996 HAR Chapter 11-200 and grandfathered under 2019 HAR Chapter 11-200.1.

This library contains EAs and EISs published by the OEQC in The Environmental Notice since 1996 under Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules (HAR) Chapter 11-200 (the old rules) and EAs and EISs for actions grandfathered in under HAR Chapter 11-200.1 (the new rules).

To filter the library, use the columns to select the desired island, decade, year published, document, determination, or any combination thereof.

To search document titles only, type "title:" before your search keyword(s) with no space after the colon (for example, "title:Central Oahu Park").